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Lucy’s Story

Below you will find a time line of Lucy’s story, from her very first batch of salad dressing to launching our brand new SLIM range.  Follow the journey below…


Lucy’s First Ever Batch

September 2010

Lucy’s Launches at Aldeburgh

September 2010

Lucy wins first great taste award

January 2011

Lucy Launches in Selfridges

April 2011

Lucy has a baby girl

September 2011

Lucy wins 2 great taste awards

September 2012

Lucy wins 4th great taste award

September 2013

Hannah King joins Lucy’s HQ

September 2013

Lucy wins 5th Great Taste Award

November 2013

Lucy launches with Ocado & Booths

January 2014

Lucy starts making Bill’s House Dressing

December 2014

Lucy launches condiment range

March 2015

Lucy launches SLIM range

Slim Salad Dressings
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Lucy’s Competition

News from Lucy

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