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Fun Things to Do

When we discover fun things to do, we like to share them! Whether it’s activities to keep the kids entertained, upcoming events to check out or great restaurants you should know about. Why not sign up to our newsletter for regular Lucy’s updates (scroll down to the bottom of our homepage).

Fifteen London

Fifteen London Fifteen London is a Jamie Oliver restaurant that not only provides the most fantastic dining experience, but also has an incredible apprentice programme concept. Jamie says: "Fifteen London is my baby - I had a beautiful idea that somehow became a reality in 2002 when we first opened our doors. My intention was really simple: on one hand to create one of London's finest restaurants and, on the other, to use the magic of cooking to give young people who've often faced enormous challenges in their lives, the opportunity to unlock their true talent, through great training and mentoring." They have recently rebranded the restaurant as a British concept, with 'elegant, rustic, clean, honest food' on the menu. The food is served in the middle of the table ad diners are encouraged to share the plates. They have all sorts of delicious British dishes, from a whole roast chicken to Dorset crab, with the most scrummy side dishes of seasonal vegetables and salad. We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch night, which was brilliant. We were a table of eight, which in my opinion is the perfect number, as you get to try lots of the dishes without getting too full! They have an amazing bar snack menu, as well as the main menu, which also means that if you fancy stoping by for a quick cocktail and small plate of food, then you can do that there. All in all, we think this is a really great restaurant or bar to visit, offering something for everyone. Once again, Jamie Oliver has pulled it out of the bag! Definitely worth a visit...

Canopy & Stars

Canopy & Stars... With three children and the desire to escape to the countryside for weekends away, we fell in love with the Canopy & Stars website. It is full of the most enchanting and magical places to stay around the Uk, as well as having some incredibly fun cabins, yurts and treehouses in France, Spain and Portugal.  We're desperate to visit the treehouses at Chewton Glenn, which look like the ultimate adventure holiday, combined with a perfect amount of luxury...    And then there are the fabulous yurts that are located up and down the country. There is something amazing about lighting a fire in the central log burner and enjoying candlelit bedtime stories with hot chocolate, snuggled under patchwork quilts.           So I'm recommending a trip away to one of the Canopy & Stars glamping venues. Be sure to pack hot chocolate, wine (for when the kids have gone to bed!) and then lots of delicious food to roast in the fire or cook on the BBQ. Here are a few ideas for some delicious tasting food... Add branches from herb bushes to the flames to infuse the smoke with flavour - rosemary is great with lamb. Roast seasonal veg like courgettes, aubergines and asparagus, marinated in Great Golden Dressing. Rub sweet potatoes with olive oil and salt, then wrap them in foil and pop them straight on glowing red coals for half an hour, turning them halfway through. Unwrap and split them open - pour over a glug of French Bliss Dressing. Grill peeled bananas in a sausage rack till crispy on the outside and melty inside.  Sprinkle over some cinnamon and brown sugar beforehand, or rum for the adults! Enjoy!

Grow Your Own – An introduction

Grow Your Own.. We are so awed by the whole from-seed-to-plate experience, that we decided to dedicate a section of our blog to homegrown fruit and vegetables, growing your own instructions and tips from the experts. Our dream is to help to grow the number of allotments and spaces for people to grow their own produce, which hopefully they'll take home and smother in Lucy's Dressings! Over the next few months, our plan is to get together with some of the top farmers and gardeners across the UK and get their tips and expertise on growing your own vegetables, salad and herbs. We're looking to feature news from Ed Solari, a large scale potato farmer in Shropshire, the team at Steves Leaves, who can hopefully give us some clues as to how to get our lettuce tasting as good as theirs, and many more... We've started our own window boxes with lettuce seeds and a selection of herbs, and will be looking to give you some updates on our progress too.

The Dairy, Clapham Old Town

The Dairy, Clapham Old Town Always on the look out for delicious food and new places to visit, the two Lucy's went to explore the new restaurant in Clapham Old Town - The Dairy. The menu is presented with the categories of 'Snacks', 'Garden', 'Sea', 'Land' and 'Sweet', with an emphasis on sharing, rather than having individual courses, and they are served in that order. We were given a delicious loaf of sourdough bread, served in a hessian sack, with some smoked marrow butter served on a stone alongside it. We think that we chose pretty well... Firstly, we were tempted by a couple of the 'Snacks', our favourite of which was the chorizo & squid scotch egg. We then choose from the 'Garden' section, with a fantastic plate of garden peas served in three different ways, an incredible scallop dish with radish from the 'Sea' section, and then scrummy pork belly that was perfectly cooked from the 'Land' section. We're going to have to go back and try one of the 'Sweet' options (what a shame!) as we really were rather full! It was a brilliant experience, with amazing service, really imaginative plates of food that were served in such creative ways and has now made it's way onto our list of favourite restaurants in London.   To get in touch and book a table, use the details below:  15 THE PAVEMENT, CLAPHAM OLD TOWN, LONDON SW4 0HY Tel: 0207 622 4165